Standard one year warranty.

No noise pc 300 and 500 pc's are covered by our one full year warranty that includes all parts and labor. Shipping costs to no noise pc will be the responsibility of the customer. Warranty does not cover any software purchased from nonoisepc.com and or installed after purchase all software related work may result in service charges. Warranty does not cover any parts or components damaged due to misuse, physical damage including scratches dings or cracks. Damage due to overclocking is not covered just because nonoise pc usees natural convection cooling method and are not designed to overclock or raise the temperature of the components beyond clocked speeds by the manufacturer of the component or by no noise pc builder. Prior sending the no noise pc for any warranty work you must receive wwan (warranty work approval number) and place it inside of the package.

30 Day limited warranty for refurbished goods .

All refurbished items are covered by the same standards as 1 year warranty but limited to 30 days from the date of shipment.

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